This Warrior's Dream

The drawings of ron franciere
circa 1962- 1988

"The Warrior der Fleischer"

"Gentlemen - for every right that you enjoyed - there is a duty that you must assume. You’ve heard of a lot of talk about rights; now you’ll hear a lot about duty - and I will be the one who will give the duties to you - and they will be followed our - or else"

Pen, marker and watercolor. By the artist Ron Franciere. 

"Society, was the notorious Doctor Frankinstein, the United States Army, Special Forces, Mercenary, was the Life giving Lightening Charge  - What does that leave you with? - Just as you see - A square without corners, A circle without any shape, A laugh without a sound, And a cry that will never be heard.

Psst, go ahead and laugh at him - ahhh go ahead - and see how fast he’ll make oatmeal out of you - chump”

Original drawing - by the artist Ron Franciere. 

"The Three Doctors of Science - Doc. Johnson, yours truly, and thee doctor - Doctor Albert Einstein"

Pen, marker and watercolor - by the artist Ron Franciere

"Jerry - how welcome death would be if first a man could have his full revenge on our hypocritical society"

"The Contact (twice) 7’ 5" tall - As seen by Franciere 125 mi in China  - 5-21-1968 / Argonne Research Labs 10-3-1974"

Pen and marker drawing 8 3/4 x 12” by the artist Ron Franciere

"Some Velvet Morning"

"34 years old and still fighting"
A square…….. without any corners
A Circle…….. without any shape
A Laugh…….. without any sound
A cry…….. that will never be heard
……………. the rebel, for truth.”

"From here to eternity
…….. I am ……..
I am known by the winds
Kissed by the rains
Loved by the snows
Friended by the stars
The trees, French harp
Blue guitar, and a
Chosen few
…….. Amen ……..”

Pen, marker and watercolor  11 x 13 1/2 by the artist Ron Franciere

"On the art of killing and - being killed"

Now, that I look back with regret - it still didn’t do any good, and maybe never will make a wrong a right - that, I can’t answer  -but I do know, that, it isn’t true that all men kill things they love - but what is true, is that all things kill the men who loved them - which I believe - after all is said -and done - is as it should be. Amen”

Pen, marker and watercolor 11 x 13 1/2 by the artist Ron Franciere

"A Warrior Elite, Nevermore"

"After 14 years of devoted service, the flag - his girl - was sounded down at tattoos, Ft. Bragg N.C. for a warrior, in which he gave 6 years in combat, wounded seven times, he went back for more and was awarded the Medal of Honor (Congressional) in time. I knew the man well, and when the bugler sounded tattoos, I watched his eyes melt, as if something inside him just died - a love affair maybe - and from that moment  - the pen work of a warrior’s sensitivity - and I wondered what makes a man choose hell as an occupation - The Artist"

Pen, marker and watercolor drawing 11 x 14 by the artist Ron Franciere

"The calling of a thousand years is shattered with the clanging of the cell door behind you. You are now alone with nothing but your own animal instincts - for now you are in the Losers Cathedral. I gave 11 years to these hell-holes. When you roll them dice, you got to be able to pay the price - cause that’s the name of the tune"

Pen, marker and watercolor 12 x 15 1/2” by the artist Ron Franciere

"A Rebel - and the Gargoyles"

"You see - what is essential is invisible to the eye. "

Pen, marker and watercolor 11 1/2 x 18”  by the artist Ron Franciere

Untitled self portrait

11 x 13 1/2” by the artist Ron Franciere

Written at the top

"Society’s outlaw - C.C. Rider and his iron horse - and only life to go."

"Citizen - just fuck off. The boots are Rebel - and he walks - like he talks, and that is the name of that time"

Pen, marker and watercolor 11 x 11 1.2 by the artist Ron Franciere

The following drawings were made by the outsider artist Ron Franciere. Most are self portraits. Each tells a small story. They were created between 1962 to 1988. 

Over the upcoming months, I’ll be posting a new drawing each day.

Contact for more information.


Ron Franciere was something of a mystery to me. Ran into many dead ends trying to find information on him. I posted some images on my website Bighappyfunhouse. I received emails that held a few stories of Ron and his life - but nothing ever lead me to contacting Ron Franciere. Then, I received an anonymous comment on my website. 

"I do know the artist that drew these. He is in a senior care facility in MN where my Dad currently resides. He has quite a few additional drawings on his walls and in a portfolio case. He is a fascinating man with many incredible stories."

I asked the commenter to contact me - but he never did. My website system allows me to see the IP address of people who leave comments. I did a quick search of that anonymous commenter. It lead me to a small town in Minnesota. The next step was to Google all of the retirement homes in the area. The list was small.

I called each home and ask to speak with Ron Franciere. On the third call, the person who answered the phone said. (in a very Minnesota accent) “Oh ya want to speak with Ron? Hold on a sec and I’ll get him for you.”. 

I really didn’t know how to start the conversation. But when he got on the phone it was like I had dialed up an old friend. We just started talking - and the words just flowed. Speaking to Ron, I felt as if he was reading directly from one of his drawings. He started to tell me the story of his life -and the story of his art.

We had many phone conversations over the next few weeks. I can’t even begin to explain how fascinating this man is. The stories he told were amazing…. most of it was the way he told them. He was an artist with his speech as well as with his drawings. 

He asked me to come up to visit him. I made the trip up to Minnesota and spent the afternoon with Ron Franciere. Over lunch at a local restaurant, he talked about his art, his life, his adventures. We talked about setting up a site to let people see his art. He loved the idea.

I recently called to speak with Ron - and was told he had passed away.

Written at the top

"The Artist"

"If a man can bridge the gap between life and death - if he can live on after he’s died - them maybe he was a great man - -  - to be the only success, the only greatness - is immortality. Citizen - this is the only one true form of greatness for a man - Amen. Franciere"

Pen, marker and watercolor. 11 1/2 x 14 1/2 by the artist Ron Franciere.

Written at the top

"THe 5th floor of the Sir Burtonn Hotel 1018 E Water St. New Orleans - 3:15 am, drunk and lost.  - Say, where the fuck am I? - Honey it looks like a clean alley to me. I’ll take a corner and knock on a door - god damn girl, I never saw so many doors in an alley before - some alley - hey did you see that? - a golden garbage can - no shot woman - I don’t know if I could cotton to an alley like this - no garbage?"

Pen , marker and watercolor 11 x 14” by the artist Ron Franciere.

Written at the top


"Who put you on the class-a-brace punishment - General Worlde? … Yes sir.  - He ripped off your Eight Air Force patch also?… Yes sir. - For what reason?… A complete disgrace to the force - a rebel wothout a cause… How long must you stand at brace?… Until I fall, Captain Stars, until I fall… Would you like me to talk to him in your behalf?… No Sir, I’ll stand at brace. Logged; - by Flying Tiger 13"

Pencil drawing 8 1/2 x 10 1/2” 1962 by the artist Ron Franciere